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New Kingsway Complex Brings Amenities and Panoramic Views to Vancouver

Posted by mjadmin on 10 October 2020

2220 Kingsway is the location of a pre-construction condo project. The WestBank developer has chosen this location for its rich culture and impressive shop and restaurant scene. In addition to the rich culture in this part of Vancouver, Kingsway is also home to some of the best views in the entire city. The development will overlook the downtown skyline with the easy to recognize Vancouver Mountains and bay in the background. The view alone is a good reason to invest in this development. The WestBank developer also is looking to build an onsite grocery store for all of your daily needs, and will include a child’s play area for families. Between the view and amenities 2220 Kingsway will be a great investment for anyone who decides to purchase one of its amazing condos.

The developer of this massive complex is WestBank Projects. WestBank has developed condos all over Canada and North America. In addition to their experience building luxury apartments, WestBank also has built hotels, retail centers, rental apartment complexes and office buildings. But WestBank is known throughout Canada for its luxury and high-end building projects. It will come as no surprise to future Kingsway residents that the developers started out building shopping centers all over the Canadian landscape. The company’s vision is to produce luxury buildings with sustainability in mind.

Although the Kingsway condo has yet to be built, there are some interesting features that the developer has released to the public. For starters, WestBank is working with the local community to rezone the area so it can be used for their massive project. It will include three separate 14-storey residential buildings, three low-rise residential buildings including townhouses, and one commercial building designed for a food store. All in total there will be 404 residential units separated in one bedroom, two bedroom, and three bedroom units. There will be an elevated courtyard for recreational use that will include a seasonal pool and hot tub and an outdoor fireplace. To take care of parking three levels underground will be devoted strictly for residential parking vehicles and bicycles. Green rooftops also will line the building with fresh fruits and vegetables available to all residents.

If all of the above sounds good to you then you probably want to know when it will be built and when you can sign up. Currently the project is in its pre-construction phase but the developer suggests that interested parties start registering now for purchase. Condos will be up for sale in the fall or winter of 2013.

Source by Mimi Tores

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