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Traveling to the Town of Wimborne – Dorset

Posted by on 30 January 2022

Wimborne – Dorset is located on the Stour River. It offers a glimpse into Medieval history and has attractions for those interested in middle ages architecture, Victorian life and church history. It’s home to a variety of wildlife, interesting shops and pubs.

Wimborne was originally a Saxon settlement. In the eighth century, the sisters of the King of the West Saxons started a monastery in Wimborne. The monastery was designed for both men and women who served in the Minster. During the 12th century, the current Minster was built. It has two mottled brown towers and creates the focal point of the town.

Visitors may want to visit the Priest’s House museum. This medieval home originally housed the priests who served in the Minster. However, while it is medieval in origin, the museum itself is a depiction of life in the Victorian era.

Wimborne’s riverfront location makes it a good choice for bird watching and nature walks. There are a lot of interesting paths through meadows and along the water. The river is home to many species of birds. Ducks, egrets, warblers and mute swans are just a few of the birds that can be seen. Visitors can also see rare butterflies in the summer or fish the well-stocked river.

Wimborne also offers establishments for those looking to do a little shopping or spend time relaxing in a pub. The town has a modern shopping centre and small individual shops. For those who want to shop, the weekends are a good time to visit. The town hosts an antiques market on Fridays, a Saturday flea market and on Sunday, has both.

So, for those interested in a piece of church history, wildlife or would just like to shop and go to the pubs, Wimborne has a great deal to offer. This quiet town is on the banks of the river and home to many varieties of animals. It’s a town that dates back to the Middle Ages but offers modern establishments.

Source by Simon Haughtone

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