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Manchester, Greater Manchester Provides a Little Bit of Everything

Posted by on 4 February 2022

Manchester, Greater Manchester is a city that forms one of the ten metropolitan boroughs of Greater Manchester. It is a major city in England that is situated in the North West of the country and is surrounded by Cheshire Plain as well as by the Pennines.

Manchester – Greater Manchester can trace its history to the times of the Romans when they built a fort called Manucium in or close to the year 79 AD. At the time the main parts of the city lay in Lancashire though some areas that lay southward of the River Mersey were part of Cheshire.

Manchester is also a great city for theatre and opera as well as for dancing and it is also home to Manchester Opera House that plays host to great touring acts as well as to West End productions. There is also the Library Theatre that caters to smaller acts.

If you are interested in the Manchester history, especially in regard to Romans then you will find many an interesting museum which also shows you the part that the city has played in the industrial revolution. The Museum of Science and Industry is worth a visit and so too is the Manchester Art Gallery that is located on Mosley Street where you can view some of the best in European art.

After 1933, the nightlife in Manchester has grown thanks to investments made by breweries and the nightlife based economy is valued at approximately one hundred million pounds and it has provided jobs to more than twelve thousand people.

There is also the famous Canal Street that is home to the gay population of Manchester and in fact there is also a gay supermarket that is the first of its kind in all of the United Kingdom.

Manchester also is home to the world famous soccer club, Manchester United that along with its cross town rival Manchester City provide some of the best football in all of England.

Source by Simon Haughtone

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