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I Promised You a Rose Garden, In Romsey – Hampshire!

Posted by on 9 February 2022

A typical English countryside town, Romsey – Hampshire was home to the famous Lord Mountbatten, Last Viceroy of British India. This busy town is also home to the famous salmon and trout river, Test. And last but not least, home of King John.

It is also home to several quaint and lovely century-old inns that seem straight out of a Jane Austen or Thomas Hardy novel. Most of the inns are actually run by the same family that ran them centuries ago!

A walk around this town and you will soon realise that it is not just the inns that are centuries old. Walk on medieval streets, visit the 907 AD Norman Abbey, the home of the medieval King John, Tudor Cottage and many other places of historical interest.

Romsey has a good share of flora and fauna and one can marvel at this at the extensive woods and forests that surround it. There are also many gardens to walk about to make one feel like a Duke or duchess!

If you are lucky to be visiting in July or August, you could be visiting at the time when the vast and serene parklands of Broadlands. The gates of this heritage estate are thrown open to the public for a look-see as well as some entertainment programmes.

However, the highlight of a trip to Ramsey is the walled kitchen garden. Situated about five miles north-west of Romsey, this garden is home to some of the most beautiful and different roses. Beauty that thrives in confinement.

Of course, you can also come across the modern things in this fascinating British town. You can head to a pub, have a night on the town or meet interesting people all the time!

It is not too expensive thought you will have to watch your budget as it is a fascinating town.

Source by Simon Haughtone

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