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The Municipality of Surrey BC

Posted by on 19 July 2022

Located on the lower mainland of beautiful British Columbia is Surrey, the largest municipality in all of Canada and probably one of the most multi-cultural as well. Surrey spreads from the banks of the mighty Fraser River on the North side all the way across to the Pacific shores of White Rock on the South side. It offers numerous attractions with endless parks and walks and is a municipality which most certainly has something for every one of all ages and cultures.

From downtown Vancouver, you can travel to Surrey by the famous Vancouver Sky Train, or if you are driving you can choose to enter Surrey by the Alex Fraser Bridge, the Patullo Bridge or the Port Mann Bridge which is also the trans-Canada highway one. Either way, you are sure to find a warm welcome in this diverse and widely spread municipality. From almost everywhere you go here, you can enjoy views of the majestic mountain ranges of BC and from some points, you get a nice view of Mount Baker in the States.

My family and I moved here almost two years ago and are fortunate to have a lovely home with views of both the Fraser River and the Mountains ranges to the North.

Another thing I have noticed in Surrey in the large and varied amount of wildlife which seems to abound everywhere. In our back yard alone, we have regular visitors in a friendly family of squirrels, three raccoons, four brightly colored wood peckers, numerous humming birds, two very different eagles that actually land within feet of us and a few other creatures such as a few water rats ( They’re friendly ) bats, and the occasional coyote who comes wandering from the creek side some late evenings. In other places in Surrey we have seen deer, more raccoons, geese, ducks and a huge variation of wild birds. It is a very green area no matter where you go, with lots of mature trees and some wonderful landscaping even in parking lots, malls and boulevards, all with the compliments of our local City Hall.

There are many residents of Surrey who rarely travel across the bridges to Vancouver as basically, they can find everything they are ever likely to need right here close to home. Cinemas, Clubs, Theatres, Skating Rinks, Recreation Centres, Public Trails, Beaches, Rivers, Parks and Lakes and very much more.

They can all be easily found across Surrey. Equally, you will find a range of industrial activities, both heavy and light, on land and along the river side it is always a buzz of activities. Surrey is also a large and scenic County in England, so it may well be that is where the name originated from, I am not too sure right now. Over there across the pond, its namesake is equally multi-cultural and diverse in activities, with the exception of the weather which is much better over here in BC.

Like most other municipalities in Canada, Surrey too has a mixture of the good, the bad and the ugly. However, we are fortunate to have a tremendous Mayor and City Council all of whom are both forward looking and progressive in their ideas. As such, continual change is an ongoing topic throughout Surrey and with it, the good remains while the bad and the ugly and slowly but surely removed and replaced by fresh and innovative ideas and projects. In my opinion, the municipality of Surrey shall continue to flourish and grow and very soon, it is likely to become one of the more sought after areas for real estate acquisitions on the lower mainland.

Source by Robert M Littlejohn

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